Tuesday, 7 October 2014

An Introductory Post

What is the title of the book (fiction) you are currently reading, or what is the title of the last fiction book you read?

In the summer I read a novel called Bec, by Darren Shan. Bec is the fourth book in Shan's Demonata series, which take place in Celtic Ireland. I was introduced to the Demonata series after finishing the "Darren Shan" saga (An earlier series by Shan about vampires). A friend of mine lent me signed copies of the first two books in the series and I instantly loved them. Having thoroughly enjoyed Bec I am Looking foreword to reading the next instalment in the series.

What is the Title/Topic of the book (non-fiction) you are reading?

I started to read Challenges for game designers, one of the recommended texts for this year. I am really enjoying it so far; it is very informative and the challenges look interesting and would like to do some of them.

What is the last live performance you attended?

I saw a performance of Oklahoma at the Wolsey theatre in Ipswich in the summer, performed by the Appeal Theatre group, a group which my family is heavily involved. The performance was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am proud of all of my friends who were involved.

What is the title of the last film you saw at the cinema?

A few weeks ago I saw Guardians of the Galaxy at Cine-world. It is hard to describe my experience because it was so excellent that my words fail me. If it is possible to imagine a cross between Star Wars and Firefly, you have Guardians of the Galaxy. All I can really say is that it is a must see film for everyone.

How often do you read a newspaper?

I don't really read newspapers, I used to read them at school but only really to browse through them and I never payed much attention to them other than to laugh with my friends over the infamous Daily Mail horoscopes.

Which art gallery did you last visit?

I last visited the Tate Modern on a GCSE Photography trip and even though I was studying art at the time, many of the exhibitions went over my head apart from the occasional gem which made sense to me in some way or maybe I thought looked "cool".

How many hours a week do you spend playing video games?

Far too many. I spend a lot of time playing games such as CS:GO and Diablo 3, either grinding for hours looking for gear for my level 70 monk or failing miserably, getting killed round after round in competitive Counter-Strike.

How many hours a week do you spend playing non digital games?

I have been taking part in a few board games in the Games Society here and have enjoyed most of the new games that i have been introduced to and i would like to spend more time playing non digital games as they are in some ways more social than video games and I believe I could learn a lot from their mechanics.

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  1. Hi Will,

    I thought I left a comment on your introductory post, but it seems I must have missed you!

    Well done for getting one of the books on your module reading lists into the answer to the "non-fiction" question!