Sunday, 15 March 2015

Do we need more Ming Tea in our daily lives?

La decima vittima.

The Italian film adaptation of Robert Sheckley's "The Seventh Victim" where killing is accepted and assassination is a form of entertainment.
The film has a distinctly "tongue in cheek", James Bond-esque sense of humor throughout as is common in cheesy 60s movies. the non stop puns and almost slapstick nature of the script had me laughing if not at least grinning throughout the screening. this however did not detract from the ideas portrayed.
The whole idea of La Decima Vittima is that the famous Marcello played by Marcello Mastroianni is a killer, this means that he is given celebrity targets to assassinate for a competition run by the governing body, upon which getting a tenth kill will land him in the infamous club of others who managed to survive ten "rounds" of the game. on the flip-side, Caroline Meredith, a victim in the game, played by Ursula Andrews, has just survived her 9th brush with death as she disposed with her killer, placing her as a contender for the Jackpot reward for surviving all 10 encounters and her being given the position of the killer and marcello now being the victim.
The story unfolds the complicating nature of both characters as Caroline plans to kill Marcelo on TV however, as she gets to know him in the guise of a reporter, they eventually fall in love.

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